Legal document concerning Tehuacán, México

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Year: 1691-1693

Publisher: Self Published

Place: Tehuacán


8 sheets written on recto and verso. Folio (12 1/2" x 8 3/4") unbound leaves. 1 page written in Nahuatl, currently housed in a custom made enclosure by Octavaye Studios..

The Cabildo, Justice and Aldermen of the Village of Tehuacán testify that Don Gabriel Santiago, cacique of Tehuacán has in his possession documents that belong to the City, starting with the Royal Decree that ordered the founding of Tehuacán over the village of Calcahualco in times of Viceroy Peralta (1566 – 1567), as well as deeds for grants of land and water made by the Viceroys to the City of Tehuacán. He has this papers that he inherited from his father Agustin de Santiago, deceased. He also has other documents: deeds, formalities, sales, and possessions. They ask all these papers be returned to the City, to be stored by the Royal Notary, in a box with 5 keys. They deem these papers necessary to the city, to be able to solve land disputes and land invasions and to be able to give deeds to the landowners. The case is presented to a judge who orders all papers belonging to the City be turned over to the Notary, in possession of Don Gabriel Santiago or any other cacique. He complies, but requests papers of a water dispute in the village of Santa Maria be included in this box.

Don Gabriel Santiago testifies he needs those papers, in order to collect tributes from the Indians, and to solve problems that arise in the community. On the back of his testimony there is one page in Nahuatl, signed by the members of the Cabildo.


Edge wear with tears and chips, heal corner damaged else very good in a fine enclosure.

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