Cronica de la Orden de N. Serafico P. S. Francisco, Provincia de San Pedro y San Pablo de Mechoacon en la Nueva Espana

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Author: Rea, Alonso de la (1610-1660?)

Year: 1996

Publisher: El colegio de Michoacan

Place: Zamora


254 pages with one plate. royal octavo (9 1/4" x 6 1/2") bound in original wrappers. Edited by Patricia Escandon.

Alonso de la Rea was born in Queretaro in 1610. He wrote his Cronica in 1637-1639, providing data on Michoacon and Jalisco. For many matters he leaned heavily on Torquemada, who in turn had copied them from Mendieta. Ricard, quoting an 18th century opinion, mentions that Rea lacked interest in chronology to an excessive degree. His work was however, an official and methodical chronicle of the province, preserving considerable detail about it. Rea's Cronica ... 1639 was first published in 1643, and is now a bibliographical rarity. The volume is divided into three books, totaling 92 chapter. Book 1 describes the region, products, people, their dealings with Aztecs, their general traits, religious rites, the last native emperors, and coming of the Spaniards. This is followed by arrival of the Franciscan missionaries, with biographies of some of these pioneer friars. Book 2 begins with the division of the province between Michoacon and Jalisco (1606) and contains numerous biographies of the members of that order. Book 3 is also a series of lives and an account of the Custodio del Rio Verde. The second edition was published in Mexico (1882).


A fine copy.


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