Papeles de Nueva Espana. Segunda Serie

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Author: Paso y Troncoso, Francisco del (1842-1916) from the library of Professor George M Foster

Year: 1905?-1948

Publisher: Establecimiento tipografia and Vargas Rea

Place: Madrid and Mexico City


37 volumes. Volume I Suma de Visitas de Pueblos por Orden Alfabetico:  332+xi pages with index. Volume II Relaciones Geograficas de Michoacan Peticiones de Conquistadores Corregimientos de la Nueva Espana: 50 pages. Volume II Relaciones Geografricas de Michoacan Comision que dio Don Luis de Velasco, virrey da la Nueva Espana, al licenciado Lebron de Quinones, para visitor pueblos de indios, 1553: [51]-98 pages. Volume II Relaciones Geograficas de Michoacan Relacion: Memoria de los pueblos de la provincial de Colima: [99]-144 pages. Volume II Relaciones Geograficas de Michoacan Memoria de los pueblos de la provincial de Colima, Amula, Zapotlan. – ABECEDARIO de los vecinos encomenderos de Colima -  CUADERNO de las cedulas de los encomenderos – SUMA de los pueblos encomenderos: [145]-217 pages. Volume II Relacions Geograficas de Michoacan Relacion Segunda Parte: 61 pages. Volume II Relaciones Geograficas de Michoacan Relacion Tercera y Cuarta Parte Carta: 130 pages. Volume III Descripcion del Arzobispado de Mexico: 161 pages with facsimile.  Volume III, Suplemento 1 Informaciones Secretas del Arzobispado de Mexico 1569: 47 pages with an illustration. Volume III Supplemento 2: Pareceres de Luis de Castilla, Regidor y Bernardino del Castillo Poblador de los primeros: [48]-91 pages. Volume III Suplemento 3: Pareceres de Juan Guerrero, Antiguo Poblador = El Bachiller Francisco de Carrizo: [92]-140 pages. Volume III Suplemento 4: Pareceres: del Licenciado Fulge = nio de Vigue Abogado de la Real Audiencia = Martin de Araguen: [141]-174 pages. Volume III Suplemento 5: Don Fernando de Portugal, Tesorero de su Magestad = Doctor D Rodrigo Barbosa, Chanire de Mexico = Hernan Gutierrez Altamirano.: [175]-231 pages. Volume III Suplemento 6. Pareceres: de Hernan Gutierrez Altamirano. El Doctor Zumero. Sacra Catolica Magestad. = Gavriel Diez, Tesorero de la Casa de Monedad. Pedro Requena: [232]-298 pages. Volume III Suplemento 7. Pareceres: de el Bachiller Martinez, de don Francisco de Velazco. Mandamiento de los Alcaldes del Crimen, Auto de la Audiencia de Mex: [299]-339 pages. Volume IV Relaciones Geograficas de la Diocesis de Oaxaca: 320+iii pages with 12 facsimile indigenous maps. Volume V Relaciones Geograficas de la Diocesis de Tlaxcala: 288+iv pages with five folding maps. Volume VI Relaciones Geograficas de la Diocesis de Mexico: 322+ii pages with maps (11 folding), Volume VII Relaciones Geograficas de la Diocesis de Mexico y de la de Michoacán: 29 pages with five folding maps. Volume VII Suplemento Relaciones Geograficas de Miochocan: Xiquilpa, Tepic, Sntipac, Acaponeta, del Obispado de Mechoacan: 46 pages with map. Volume VII Suplemento Relaciones Geograficas de Michoacan: Instrucsion Relaciones: Chocandiran Tarequato: [47]-84 pages. Volume VI Suplemento: Relaciones Geograficas de Michoacan: Relaciones: De Perivan, Tarimeo y Necotlan: [85]-112 pages. Volume VII Suplemento Relacion de Celaya y su Partido Ano de 1570: [113]-146 pages with map. Volume VII Suplemento Relaciones Geograficas de Michoacan: Relacion de Chilchota: 56 pages. Volume VIII, Number 1 Relacion de las Minas Relacion de Compostela Relacion de las Minas de Xocotlan Relacion de Nuchistlan: 75 pages. Volume VIII Number 2 Relacion de la Villa de la Purificacion y sus Pueblos: [77]-132 pages. Volume VIII, Number 3 La Villa de San Martin y Lierena e Minas de Sombrerete: [133]-190 pages. Volume VIII Number 4 Dilla de Xerez: [191]-260 pages. Volume VIII Number 5 Minas de Fresnillo: [261]-302 pages. Volume VIII Number 6 Otras Relaciones Sobre las Minas de Fresnillo: [303]-336. Volume 9 Relaciones Geograficas de Galicia, Viscaya y Leon: 37 pages. Volume 9 La Ciudad de Guadalajara en el Siglo XVI, la Salida 2a Salida: 58 pages. Volume 9 Pueblo de Aguacatlan Villa de Culiacan:  [59]-100 pages. Volume 9 Provincia de los Tagues, Provincia de Zinaloa, Descubrimiento de Topia, Salida de Guadalaxara a la Parte Septientrional, Villa de los Lagos, 2a Salida de Guadalaxara para Zacatecas 3a Salida de Guadalaxara para Zacatecas: [101]-144 pages. Volume 9 Villa de Xerez Ciudad de Nuestra Senora de Zacatecas Salida de Zacatecas Azia el Oriente: [145]-182 pages. Volume 9 Villa del Saltillo, Valle de las Parras, Ier. Camino de Zacatecas al Reino de la Viscaya, Villa de Llerena, Villa del Nombre de Dios, 2o. Camino de Zacatecas al Reino de la Viscaya: [183]-220 pages. Volume 9 Reino de la Nueva Viscaya Villa de Durango Reino de Leon: [221]-267. Various sizes from Royal octavo (9 1/2" x 7") to octavo (8" x 6") bound in red cloth with original wrappers bound in, the other volumes bound in wrappers. From the library of George M Foster. Handbook of Middle American Indians, volume 13. First edition.

Modern scholarship continues to be deeply indebted to the labors of Francisco del Paso y Troncoso, less for any extended completed studies or synthesis than for a lifetime of collecting historical materials of the greatest importance to continuing investigation. His activities in Europe during the 23 years he spent searching out, copying and preparing for publication a vast store of prime documentary materials for the pre-Conquest and colonial history of Mexico have been abundantly documented. Paso y Troncoso saw his prime mission as twofold. First, he proposed to gather and publish as complete a corpus of Sahagun documents as possible. His interest in the great Franciscan had stemmed from the days when Paso y Troncoso as a young man had helped Joaquin Garcia Icazbalceta prepare the latter's Bibliografia mexicana del siglo XVI. Second, he expected to copy documentary source materials related to colonial Mexico, an elaborate group of varied papers which he generically called "Papeles de Nueva Espana." In a letter from Madrid, Paso y Troncoso outlined to the Secretary of Public Instruction his views and plans for the "Papeles de Nueva Espana". He mentioned that for various reasons the material had he had compiled for publication under that general title should be divided into series, each according to the class of data it contained. Each series would begin with a volume 1, and subsequent volumes would include similar documents, rather than being only a single series with diverse materials. Various circumstances frustrated Paso y Troncoso's dream of putting numerous volumes of several series each of the PNE into print. He published four relatively complete volumes, and two partial volumes, of Series 2. "Geography and Statistics." Complete were volumes 1, 4, 5, 6 and partially complete were volumes 3 and 7 (all included in these volumes). At Paso y Troncoso's death various works were in the printing houses of Spain. Most of these volumes seem to have been lost or dispersed. Only volume 1 of series was published, Salazar's Cronica de Nueva Espana (lacking in these volumes, but offered separately by the Hispanic Society). Several later hands have dipped into the mass of material Paso y Troncoso compiled for PNE and have utilized his transcripts or copies for publication. Series 1, "Bibliographies," was respectably issued in four volumes under the general title Indices de documentos de Nueva Espana existentes en el Archivo de Indias de Sevilla, 1928-1933 lacking in these volumes. The unpublished portions of Series 2, volume 2 "Geography and Statistics," have appeared under the imprint of Luis Vargas Rea included in these volumes. Vargas Rea in his supplement to Series 2, volume 3, in 7 parts included in these volumes did not complete the reports on the archdiocese of Mexico. From 1944 through 1946, Vargas Rea published most of the hitherto unpublished materials Paso y Troncoso had compiled for volume 7, Relationes geograficas from Michoacan. Six of the eight parts are included in these volumes. In 1948 Volume 9 of PNE, Series 2, appeared under the Vargas Rea imprint in seven small volumes included in these volumes It reproduced what Paso y Troncoso had considered to be the second part of the Memoriales of Bishop Alonso Mota y Escobar, a portion dealing with Nueva Galicia from a manuscript he had found in the British Museum. The whole of the Vargas Rea publications were numbered limited edition prints usually not exceeding 150 and often not more than 100 copies. Thus making the entire printing of Paso y Troncoso vary scarce.

George McClelland Foster, Jr born in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, on October 9, 1913, died on May 18, 2006, at his home in the hills above the campus of the University of California, Berkeley, where he served as a professor from 1953 to his retirement in 1979, when he became professor emeritus. His contributions to anthropological theory and practice still challenge us; in more than 300 publications, his writings encompass a wide diversity of topics, including acculturation, long-term fieldwork, peasant economies, pottery making, public health, social structure, symbolic systems, technological change, theories of illness and wellness, humoral medicine in Latin America, and worldview. The quantity, quality, and long-term value of his scholarly work led to his election to the National Academy of Sciences in 1976. Virtually all of his major publications have been reprinted and/or translated. Provenance from the executor of Foster's library laid in.


George Foster's stamp on front wrappers, edge wear, some soiling else a very good set of a rare piece of Colonial Mexican history.


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