Sale of land from the XVI century/ Power of attorney letter

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Year: 1594

Place: Mexico City


One folio leaf (16 1/2" x 12 1/4") folded in half with writing on three sides.  

Sale of land in the town of Ixtlahuaca (State of Mexico). The seller describes in detail were his lands are located and their boundaries. The sale was for 600 gold Reales.  “Sepan cuantos esta carta vieren como yo Juan Martinez Corral Vecino de esta Ciudad de Mexicoque vendo a Francisco Gomez…”  (Know how many of this letter see as I do Juan Martinez Corral Neighbor of this City of Mexico that I sell to Francisco Gomez ... ").  

The seller gives a power of attorney to someone so he could present the letter of sale to the Lieutenant of Ixtlahuaca so possession of the land can be transferred to the buyer.  To take possession, the document describes that the buyer brought horses to eat grass and he threw stones. As a symbol of making the lands his.  


Edges badly chipped with tears generally not affecting text, creases where once folded else fair.