The Lords of Tikal: Rulers of an Ancient Maya City

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Author: Harrison, Peter D'Arcy (1937-2013) signed

Year: 1999

Publisher: Thames and Hudson

Place: London


208 pages with maps, diagrams, plates, illustrations, bibliography and index. Quarto (10" x 7 3/4") issued in green cloth with gilt lettering to spine and decorative symbol to cover. Signed on title1st edition.

The Maya metropolis of Tikal was once one of the greatest cities in the world. At its peak around AD 750 over 100,000 people lived her, in the heart of the Guatemalan rain forest. Huge temple-pyramids dominated the skyline. Drawing upon over 30 years of excavation and research, some of it his own, Peter Harrison gives a vivid account of the turbulent story of Tikal, from 800 BC to the late 9th century AD. Strategically located, the city served as a major center of trade and architectural style-setter for the central Peten region of the Maya lowlands. Tikal was also a focal point of warfare, struggling with sister cities to the west, north and east for dominance of the region. The apogee of power and wealth was achieved between AD 692 and 800 during the reigns of three generations of the great Jaguar Claw clan, whose ruling lords - known as Hasaw Chan K'awil, Yik'in Chan K'awil and Yax Ain - built the Great Temples that symbolize the character and individuality of the city. Some of the Great Temples served as mortuary structures, and the contents of the tombs, from mosaic masks and jade jewelry to beautiful ceramics and alabaster bowls, hint at the richness of life as a lord of Tikal.


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