The Hohokam Village: Site Structrure and Organization

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Author: Doyel, David Elmond (1946- ) editor

Year: 1987

Publisher: American Association of Advancement of Science

Place: Gleenwood Springs, CO


ix+287 pages with tables, plates, diagrams and maps. Octavo (8 3/4" x 6") bound in original publisher's wrappers. Foreword by David E Doyel. First edition.

Contents: The Hohokam Village by David E Doyle; Pioneer Period Village Structure and Settlement Pattern in the Phoenix Basin by John S Cable and David E Doyle; Rincon Phase Reorganization in the Tucson Basin by William H Doelle, Frederick W Huntington and Henry D Wallace; The Growth of a Hohokam Village by T Kathleen Henderson; La Ciudad: A Perspective on Hohokam Community Systems by Glen Rice; Specialization and Differentiation: Non-subsistence Economic Pursuits in Courtyard Systems at La Ciudad by JoAnn Kisselburg; Hohokam Architectural Variability and Site Structure during the Sedentary-Classic Transition by Earl W Sires, Jr; The Morphology of Platform Mounds and the Structure of Classic Period Hohokam Sites by David A Gregory; The Lehi Canal System: Organization of a Classic Period Community by Jerry B Howard; New Models of Social Structure at the Palo Parado Site by David R Wilcox; Comments on Symposium Papers by Emil W Haury; Thoughts on Hohokam Settlement Behavior: Comments on "The Hohokam Village" by Jeffrey S Dean; Comments on "The Hohokam Village" by Paul R Fish.


A near fine copy.

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