Beatification of Father Antonio Margil de Jesus

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Author: Antonio Alcalde Barriga (1701-1792) etal signed

Year: 1781

Publisher: IManuscript

Place: Mexico City


Letter. Quarto (11 1/2" x 8") addressed to "Los Eminentes Señores Cardenales de la Sagrada Congregación de Ritos" in Rome with fold envelop with embossed seal. Unique watermarks to paper.

Letter sent by the "Jueces Delegados por la misma Sagrada Congregación, en la Causa de Beatificación, y Canonización del Venerable Siervo de Dios Fr. Antonio Margil de Jesús", in the city of Guadalajara, América Septentrional. (Judges Delegated by the same Sacred Congregation, in the Cause of Beatification, and Canonization of the Venerable Servant of God Fr. Antonio Margil de Jesús).

Signed by the Bishop Antonio of Guadalajara and other members of the Jury.

It states they received from the priests of the "Colegio de Propaganda Fide de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe de Zacatecas" the first referral letters on the case of beatification and canonization of Fr. Margil de Jesús. They started the process, receiving also referral letters from Rome. They have proceeded with punctuality and accuracy without omitting any solemnity of those foreseen in the instruction. They have interviewed witnesses for the process, the most trustworthy, decorated and free from all exceptions, by their science, old age and circumstances there is no motive to suspect their integrity, and that they must be given faith and credit. We perceive in them sincerity, seriousness and integrity at the time of the examinations. We found in their depositions constant common and maximum fame of holiness and miracles of the venerable servant of God, Fr. Antonio Margil de Jesús. Nobody has said, nor listen anybody else said anything against his fame and miracles. His fame is spreading in New Spain, due to the tradition of the elders who saw and perceived his heroic acts.

Antonio Margil de Jesús (Valencia, August 18, 1657 - Mexico, August 6, 1726)

Was a Spanish Franciscan friar, missionary and evangelizer of America, founder of the Apostolic Colleges of Propaganda Fide of Querétaro, Guatemala, and Zacatecas. He was known as the friar with the winged feet.

In what is now the United States he would found a mission in Sabinas, following the North River to Texas where he encountered the Nacogdoches tribe. Then, after having escaped the encounter with the natives, he founded the missions of the Holy Spirit and San José in the territory of Texas.

Provenance: The owner is a collector who purchased it from a renown auction house in Spain and had it shipped to his address in the United States. He is at the age were he is starting to dispose of his collection.


Envelope with tear were seal was attached with the remains with the seal. Four folds to letter and envelope else very good.