Appraisal and Inventory of 3 Pulque ranches near Zempoala

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Author: Ms Ignacio Moreno y Pablo

Year: 1785

Publisher: Manuscript

Place: Zempoala


3 manuscript manuscript leaves  Folio (12 1/2" x 8 1/2") loose leaves removed from a previous bound item.

An appraisal and inventory made in 1783 of three rancheros de pulque in Zempoala, Hidalgo. On the rancheros, maguey cactus was cultivated and its juice brewed into pulque, an alcoholic beverage widely popular in colonials times. Once owned by the late Captain Ignacio Moreno y Pablo,  an elite creole, his widow and executrix ordered the appraisal of his pulque breweries after his death. In addition to demonstrating just how profitable and lucrative the pulque industry could be (the combined value of his three rancheros de pulque was 33,468 pesos), the inventory also gives information on the tools, and facilities used to brew pulque. 


Edge wear, string at bound edge, five fold to document. House in a hand crafted enclosure by Octavaye else very good in fine slipcase

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