Lukurmata: Household Archaeology in Prehispanic Bolivia

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Author: Berman, Marc (1960- )

Year: 1994

Publisher: Princeton University Press

Place: Princeton


xviii+307pp with 3 tables, 139 illustrations which include maps, appendixes and index. Quarot (10 1/4" x 7 1/4") issued in black cloth with gilt lettering. 1st edition.

Household archaeology, together with community and regional settlement information, forms the basis for a unique local perspective on Andean prehistory in this study of the evolution of the site of Lukurmata, a pre-Columbian community in highland Bolivia. First established nearly two thousand years ago, Lukumata grew to be a major ceremonial center in the Tiwanaku state, a polity that dominated the south-central Andes from AD 400 to 1200. After the Tiwanaku state collapsed, Lukurmata rapidly declined, becoming once again a small village. In his analysis of a 1300-year-long sequence of house remains at Lukurmata, Marc Bermann traces patterns and changes in the organization of domestic life, household ritual, ties to other communities, and mortuary activities, as well as household adaptations to over-arching political and economic trends.


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