Pueblo Warriors and Spanish Conquest

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Author: Jones Jr, Oakah L from the library of Dr Donald Worcester

Year: 1966

Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press

Place: Norman


xxi+225pp with illustrations, 4 maps, bibliography and index. Royal octavo (9 1/2" x 6 1/2") issued in black cloth with silver lettering on red background. An association copy from the library of Donald Worcester with his signature on the front end paper 1st edition.

Adopting the principle of divide and conquer, the Spaniards, in North America employed Indian auxiliaries in promoting the geographical expansion of their North American holding. Although most of the Pueblo tribes had united temporarily to expel the Spaniards from New Mexico in 1680, their subsequent revision to disunity facilitated Spanish reconquest of the province in the last decade of the seventeenth century. Not only was there an apparent lack of unity among the sedentary Pueblos themselves, but there was a more significant and traditional rift between the Pueblos and the indios barbaros, the "barbaric Indians". Spanish authorities took advantage of these differences in the century that followed reconquest, and their extensive use of Pueblo Indian auxiliaries in the defense of New Mexico during the eighteenth century attracted various hostile tribes to support of Spain. By the end of the century, Utes, Jicarilla Apaches, Navaho, and Comanches were recruited. In this book the procedures, organization, contributions and significance of the Pueblo auxiliaries from 1692 to 1794 are examined in detailed in the vital central sector of New Spain's northern frontier. It not only reveals an important facet of history of New Mexico, but also furnishes an understanding of Spanish procedures in the defense of the entire northern frontier against hostile Indians, French incursion, and later British and Northern American encroachment.


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