The Works of Hubert Howe Bancroft

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Author: Bancroft, Hubert Howe (1832-1918)

Year: 1886-1890

Publisher: The History Company

Place: San Francisco


39 volumes. The Native Races. 5 volumes. Wild Tribes: xlviii+797 pages with 5 folding maps; Civilized Nations: xii+[folding map]+805 pages with tables (one folding). Myths and Languages: xii+796 pages with tables; Antiquities: x+[folding map], 807 pages with diagrams, illustrations, drawings, site plans and figures. Primitive History: x+[folding map]+796 pages with index. History of Central America. 3 volumes. 1501-1530: lxxii+[folding map]+704 pages with figures, illustrations and maps. 1530-1800: xvi+766 pages with maps and illustrations. 1801-1887: xvi+776 pages with maps and index. History of Mexico 6 volumes. Volume 1, 1516-1521: cxii+[folding map]+702 pages with illustrations and maps. Volume 2, 1521-1600: xiv+[folding map]+790 with maps. Volume 3, 1600-1803: xvi+[folding map]+780 pages with figures and maps. Volume 4, 1804-1824: xiv+829 pages with maps. Volume 5, 1824-1861: xiv+[folding map]+812 pages with maps and figures. Volume 6, 1861-1887: xii+760 with maps and index. History of the North Mexican States and Texas. 2 volumes. Volume 1, 1531-1800: xlviii+[folding map]+773 pages with maps. Volume 2, 1801-1889: xvi+814 pages with index. History of Arizona and New Mexico, 1539-1888: xxxviii+[folding map]+829 pages with maps, tables and index. History of California. 7 volumes. Volume 1, 1542-1800: lxxxvii+[map]+744 pages with diagrams, tables and list of European residents. Volume 2. 1801-1824: xvi+794 pages with map and index. Volume 3. 1825-1840: xvi+792 pages with map and pioneer registry index continued from volume 2. Volume 4. 1840-1845: xvi+786 pages with maps and pioneer registry index continued from volume 3. Volume 5. 1846-1848: xvi+784 pages with maps and pioneer registry index concluded from volume 4. Volume 6. 1848-1859: xii+787 pages with tables and maps. Volume 7: 1848-1888: xii+826 pages with tables and index. History of Nevada, Colorado and Wyoming: 1540-1888. xxxii+828 pages with maps, tables, figures and index. History of Utah 1540-1886: xlviii+808 pages with maps, tables and index. History of the Northwest Coast Volume 1: 1543-1800:. xxxiv+[folding map]+735 pages with maps. Volume 2: 1800-1848: xiv+768 pages with maps and index. History of Oregon 1834-1848: Volume 1, 1834-1848: xxxx+[folding map]+789 pages with maps and plans. Volume 2, 1848-1888: xvi+808 pages with maps and index. History of Washington, Idaho and Montana: 1845-1889 xxvi+836 pages with maps, figures and index. History of British Columbia: 1792-1887 xvii+[folding map]+792 pages with maps and index. History of Alaska 1730-1885: xxxviii+[folding map]+775 pages with maps and index. California Pastoral: 1769-1848: vi+808 with glossary and index. California Inter Pocula: vi+828 pages with index. Popular Tribunals, Volume 1: xiv+[folding plan]+749 pages with facsimiles. Popular Tribunals, Volume 2: viii+772 pages with figures and index. Essays and Miscellany: vi+764 pages with index. Literary Industries: viii+808 pages with frontispiece and index. Royal octavo (9 1/4" x 6") bound in full leather with black and red labels to spine in gilt lettering and marbled foredges. Mixed set with all being First edition of the History Company Publishers.

Hubert Howe Bancroft was an American historian and ethnologist who wrote, published and collected works concerning the western United States, Texas, California, Alaska, Mexico, Central America and British Columbia. In March 1852, Bancroft was provided with an inventory of books to sell and was sent to the booming California city of San Francisco to set up a West Coast regional office of the firm. Bancroft was successful in building his company, entering the world of publishing in the process. He also became a serious collector of books, building a collection numbering into the tens of thousands of volumes. In 1868, he resigned from his business in favor of his brother, A. L. Bancroft. He had accumulated a great library of historical material and abandoned business to devote himself entirely to writing and publishing history. Bancroft's library consisted of books, maps, and printed and manuscript documents, including a large number of narratives dictated to Bancroft or his assistants by pioneers, settlers, and statesmen. The indexing of the vast collection employed six persons for ten years. The library was moved in 1881 to a fireproof building and, in 1900, numbered about 45,000 volumes. He developed a plan to publish a history in 39 volumes of the entire Pacific coast region of North America, from Central America to Alaska. He employed writers and wrote some of the material himself, though he credited only himself as an author. In 1886, the publishing establishment of A. L. Bancroft & Company burned, and the sheets of seven volumes of the history he had written were destroyed. In the late 19th century, it was determined that much of the work of which Bancroft claimed authorship had in fact been written by others. This tainted his legacy in the eyes of some scholars, on the principle "false in one thing, false in all. The Bancroft Library at UC Berkeley, named in his honor, was founded when the University of California purchased his 60,000-volume book collection in 1905. Bancroft is also the namesake of Bancroft Way in Berkeley, California.


Volume I exterior hinge beginning to crack, Volume XXXI notes to front end paper. Some leather scuffed, corners gently bumped, some inner hinges cracked else a very good set.

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