Reglas de orthographia, diccionario, y arte del idioma Othomi

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Author: Neve y Molina, Luis de

Year: 1767

Publisher: Impr. de la Bibliotheca mexicana

Place: Mexico City


[24]+160 pages with engraved table leaf. Duodecimo (5 1/2" x 4") bound in contemporary vellum with hand lettering to spine. (Sabin 52413. Medina, Mexico 5174; Palau 190159) First edition.

A foundational 18th-century dictionary and orthography for the native Mexican Otomi language. Neve y Molina, who may have been Otomi himself, was the first to set out standard orthographical rules for spellings of words in the Mexican tongue. The work is split into three parts. The first contains Molina's orthography; the second provides Otomi equivalents for over two thousand Spanish words and a list of numbers from one to one thousand; and the third section consists of a grammar of the language in Spanish with examples of Otomi phrases. "The author was the first to establish a proper system of characters, which has been since retained" --Sabin.

Otomi is a group of closely related indigenous languages of Mexico, spoken by approximately 240,000 indigenous Otomi people in the central altiplano region of Mexico. It belongs to the Oto-Pamean branch of the Oto-Manguean language family. It is a dialect continuum of closely related languages, because many of the varieties are not mutually intelligible. Linguists have classified the modern dialects into three dialect areas: the Northwestern dialects spoken in Querétaro, Hidalgo and Guanajuato; the Southwestern dialects spoken in the State of Mexico; and the Eastern dialects spoken in the highlands of Veracruz, Puebla, and eastern Hidalgo and in villages in Tlaxcala and Mexico states. At the time of the Spanish conquest of central Mexico, Otomi had a much wider distribution than now, with large Otomi speaking areas existing in the modern states of Jalisco and Michoacán. fter the conquest, the Otomi people experienced a period of geographical expansion as the Spaniards employed Otomi warriors in their expeditions of conquest into northern Mexico. During and after the Mixtón rebellion, in which Otomi warriors fought for the Spanish, Otomis settled areas in Querétaro (where they founded the city of Querétaro) and Guanajuato which previously had been inhabited by nomadic Chichimecs.


Minor wear, coming detached from text block; lacking frontispiece plate as usual, extensive early manuscript notes. Very rare.

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