Handbook of Middle American Indians

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Author: Wauchope, Robert (1909-1979) and Victoria Reifler Bricker (editors)

Year: 1964-85

Publisher: University of Texas Press

Place: Austin


20 volumes: volume 1 Natural Environment and Early Cultures viii+570 p age with maps, tables, plates, illustrations and index with some foldouts; volume 2 and 3, Archaeology of Southern Mesoamerica [viii]+[560]; [viii]+[561]-1084 pages with illustrations, plates tables, maps and index with some foldouts; volume 4 Archaeological Frontiers and External Connections viii+367 pages with plates, illustrations, tables, maps and index, some foldouts; volume 5 Linguistics 402 pages with maps, some folding and tables; volume 6, Social Anthropology viii+597 pages with illustrations, maps, plates, figures, tables and index; Volume 7 and 8, Ethnology [viii]+[576]; [viii]+[579]-965 pages, with tables, maps, plates, figures, illustrations and index; volume 9 Physical Anthropology viii+296 pages with multiple folding tables, maps (errata laid in) and index; volume 10 and 11 Archaeology of Northern Mesoamerica viii+[458]; [viii]+[459]-903 pages with over 103 figures, plates, drawings, illustrations, tables, maps and index; volume 12, 13, 14 and 15 Guide to Ethnohistorical Sources xiv+[462] pages; xiv+462 pages; x+[310]; [xii]+[311]+724 pages with over 103 figures, plates, illustrations, tables and index; volume 16 Sources Cited and Artifacts Illustrated 324 pages; Supplement 1 Archaeology xii+463pp with tables, maps, figures, illustrations, plates and index; Supplement 2 Linguistics x+146 pages; Supplement 3 Literature x+195 pages with index; Supplement 4 Ethnohistory vii+232 pages with maps, tables and index; 5 Epigraphy vi+195 pages with maps, diagrams, tables and index; Ethnology viii+340 pages with maps, plates, diagrams, tables, bibliography and index. Quarto (10 3/4" x 7 1/2") bound in original publisher's brick red cloth with black labels lettered in silver lettering and stamping to spine. Volume one through sixteen in original pictorial wrappers. Robert Wauchope was the volumes general editor through volume 16 and Victoria Reifler Bricker became the general volume editor for the supplements. Mixed editions.

Monumental in size, content and coverage, the Handbook of Middle American Indians is the most ambitious treatment of a culture area yet produced by American Anthropologists. there have been several notable attempts to encapsulate extant knowledge concerning native american peoples. This series with Robert Wauchope as general editor is clearly in the tradition of Julian Stewards seven-volume handbook but with certain extension, modifications and improvements. It surpasses its predecessors in size, in categories and combination of detailed description, topical, regional, temporal and ethnic coverage, as well as in bibliography.


A very good set in like jackets. Because of the number of volumes this set is only available for media rate in the United States.

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