Los Tarascos y el Impeio Espanol 1600-1740

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Author: Castro Guti�rrez , Felipe

Year: 2004

Publisher: Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM)

Place: Mexico City


364 pages with maps and bibliography. Royal octavo (9" x 6 1/4") bound in original wrappers. First edition limited to 1000 copies.

After hearing about the fall of the Aztec Empire, cazonci Tang�xuan II sent emissaries to the Spanish victors. A few Spaniards went with them to Tzintzuntzan where they were presented to the ruler and gifts were exchanged. They returned with samples of gold and Cort�s' interest in the Tarascan state was awakened. In 1522 a Spanish force under the leadership of Cristobal de Olid was sent into Tarascan territory and arrived at Tzintzuntzan within days. The Tarascan army numbered many thousands, perhaps as many as 100,000, but at the crucial moment they chose not to fight. Tang�xuan submitted to the Spanish administration, but for his cooperation was allowed a large degree of autonomy. This resulted in a strange arrangement where both Cort�s and Tang�xuan considered themselves rulers of Michoac�n for the following years: the population of the area paid tribute to them both. When the Spanish found out that Tang�xuan was still de facto ruler of his empire but only supplied the Spanish with a small part of the resources extracted from the population they sent the ruthless conquistador Nu�o de Guzm�n, who allied himself with a Tarascan noble Don Pedro Panza Cuinier�ngari, and the cazonci was executed. A period of violence and turbulence began. During the next decades Tarascan puppet rulers were installed by the Spanish government, but when Nu�o de Guzman had been disgraced and recalled to Spain, Bishop Vasco de Quiroga was sent to the area to clean up. He rapidly gained the respect and friendship of the natives who ceased hostilities towards the Spanish hegemony.


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