Teotihuacan: XI Mesa Redonda

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Author: Ruz Lhuillier, Alberto (1906-1979) from the library of professor Robert V Kemper

Year: 1972

Publisher: Sociedad Mexicana de Antropologia

Place: Mexico City


411 pages with plates, maps, tables and index. Royal octavo (9 1/2" x 7") bound in original wrappers. From the library of Robert V Kemper. First edition limited to 1000 copies of which this is number 378.

Contents: The history of mural art at Teotihuacán by Clara Millon; Materiales y tecnicas de la pintura mural de Teotihuacán by Luis Torres Montes; Reconstruccion etnografica a traves de la pintura by Jorge Angulo V; La iconografia el arte Teotihuacan by George Kubler; Los pajaros de Quetzalpapalotl by Arthur G Miller; The fertile mountain: an investigation of cerro Gordo's importance to the town plan and iconography of Teotihuacan by Stephen Tobriner; La muerte de los dios en la region Nahuatl by Laurette Sejourne; Disquisiciones acera de Teotihuacán by Eulalia Guzman; El ocasa del clasico by John Paddock; The problem of the historical identify the Portrezuelo/San Antonio archaeological site: an hypothesis by H B Nicolson; El epilogo de Teotihuacán by Jorge R Acosta; El complejo cultura Coyotlatelco by Evelyn C Rattray; A tzacualli burial from Publo Peridido Evelyn C Rattay; Distribucion de rasgos teotihacanos en Mesoamerica by John Paddock; Influencia de Teotihuacan en Cholula by Igancio Marquina; Classic Teotihuacan influences in north-central Tlaxcala by Dean R Snow; Los teotihuacanos en el Occidente de Mexico by Jose Corona Nunez; Cultural contact between the lowland Maya and Teotihuacan as seen from Tika, Peten, Guatemala by William R Coe; Secuencias arqueologicas en Guanajuato y la Cuenca de Mexico: intent de correlacion by Beatriz Braniff; Relaciones de la seccion sobre extension de la cultura teotihuacana by John Paddock; El Valle de Teotihuacan y su contorno Rene Millon; Tradicionalismo y modernizacion en Teotihuacan y su contorno by Rosendo Escalante; Contemporary settlement and social organization by Richard A Diehl; La Hacienda y el ejido en Teotihuacan su contorno by Gaston Martinez Matiella; Migraciones internas y su ajuste socio-cultural by Francisa Bolongaro de Strotgen; las elites rectoras como agentes de cambion social by Francisco Casanova Alvarez; Clausura de la Mesa Redonda de Teotihuacan by Ignacio Marquina.

Robert V. Kemper, born in San Diego, California, on November 21, 1945, resided in Dallas, Texas, where he was Professor of Anthropology at Southern Methodist University. He received his Ph.D. in Anthropology in 1971 from the University of California at Berkeley and spent the academic year 1971-1972 there as a National Endowment for the Humanities Post-Doctoral Fellow in Mexican American Studies before joining the SMU faculty. At SMU, he served as Chair of the Department of Anthropology, President of the Faculty Senate, and member of the University Board of Trustees. His research interests included migration and urbanization, history of anthropology, community development, tourism, Mexico, and the United States. His numerous publications include Anthropologists in Cities (1974), Migration and Adaptation: Tzintzuntzan Peasants in Mexico City (1977), Migration Across Frontiers: Mexico and the United States (1979), Chronicling Cultures: Long-Term Field Research in Anthropology (2002), and Urban Life (5th ed., 2010). He has served as President of the Society for Latin American Anthropology and the Society for Urban Anthropology, as well as editor of Human Organization, editor for Social-Cultural Anthropology of the American Anthropologist, and associate editor for Urban Anthropology.


Kemper's signature on front end paper. Corners gently bumped some light edge wear else a very good un-read copy.


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