Diccionario Grande De La Lengua De Michoacan

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Author: Gilberti, Maturino (1498?-1585) Compiled by Warren, J. Benedict

Year: 1991

Publisher: Fimax Publicistas

Place: Morelia


2 volumes: 704 pages with tables; 848 pages. Octavo (9" x 6 3/4") bound in original wrappers. Compiled by Warren J Benedict. First edition limited to 500 copies.

In the fall of 1965, Warren found in the John Carter Brown Library, a very incomplete manuscript dictionary of the Tarascan language. In the catalog of the library it was indicated as a work of Father Gilberti, who first publish the grammar (1558) and dictionary (1559) of the language. But the manuscript dictionary was very different than that of the dictionary published by Gilberti. Warren considered copying the document but because of the poor physical condition of the manuscript, decided against doing so. In 1977, when Warren began to investigate further the life and writings of Brother Mathurin Gilberti, he found in a bibliographic directory a quotation from a manuscript in the Latin American Library at Tulane, indicating that it was a "Vocabulary Castilian-Tarasco-Tarasco and Castilian" written by Brother Gilberti. When asked about the content of the manuscript, he was assured that the manuscript was published as the Gilberti vocabulary. He found that not only was it different in many ways from the published vocabulary of Gilbert, but was a full version of which the dictionary of which the manuscript of the John Carter Brown contained only the last part. Since the manuscript in the Tulane library was completely legible and without major flaws, it was possible to begin serious editorial work. So Warren called the manuscript of Tulane Text A. It consists of two parts: the Spanish-Tarasco part which has 130 leaves and the Tarasco-Spanish Part of 150 leaves. There was a note by the famous Mexican bibliophile Nicol�s Le�n indicating the provenance of the manuscript. This manuscript was an unpublished document in the hand of Father Gilberti. This vocabulary was produced after the one printed in Mexico in 1559 and therefore more copious and corrected. It was found among the books belonging to Mendoza in Guadalajara, 1913, and bought in the Archdiocese. With the stamp on the title page is the "Sociedad [Mexicana] de Geograf�a y Estad�stica"; but it is believed that it was part of Mendoza's collection, because no files appear in the receipt proving that it had been donated in 1913, noted by Leon. Having satisfied his conscience, Leon sold the manuscript to William Gates, who in turn sold several photographic prints, which are cited in the Newberry Library, the Peabody Library, and the Library of Congress. In 1924 Tulane bought the collection. The binding of the manuscript has a stamp of "Gates Collection" on the back of the cover. The original manuscript is written throughout in the same hand, but has corrections and additions between the lines. Many of them are the original scribe, but there are also many additions in another hand, especially at the beginning of the Spanish-Tarasco part, which may conflict sharply with the original. The manuscript of the John Carter Brown Library, here called the Type B, consisting of 148 leaves. This work is the compilation of all this material.


Lightly soiled with gently bumped corners and light edge wear, else a very good copy.


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