Southwestern Journal of Anthropplogy/Journal of Anthropological Research

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Author: Basehart, Harry Wetherald (1910-1988) and Stanley Newman and Bruce Rigsby (editors)

Year: 1966-1975

Publisher: University of New Mexico Press

Place: Albuquerque


Volumes 22 through 31. At Volume 29 the name changes to Journal of Anthropological Research but continues the volume number. Royal octavo (9 3/4" x 6 3/4") bound in original wrappers. First editions.

When Leslie Spier launched the Southwestern Journal of Anthropology at the beginning of 1945—still several months before the end of World War II—he printed not a word of introduction or explanation. The Journal, which has now reached the respectable milestone of six decades, simply began (vol . 1, no. 1). On December 15, 1944, an announcement had been made in the Southwestern Journal ’s predecessor, New Mexico Anthropologist, by Donald D. Brand, its first and only Editor—and Head of the University of New Mexico Department of Anthropology. To this day the Journal of Anthropological Research continues to fulfill much the same mission as was set forth at the end of 1944. Brand stated "With this issue the New Mexico Anthropologist terminates its career. Conceived originally as a periodical for and by the students of the University of New Mexico, outside interest in it soon demanded expansion to include articles of professional caliber and wider scope. Thus it moved from a concern with local affairs, intended to meet a local audience, to a position of offering more serious discussion, but still largely confined to the Southwest and the Latin-American lands to the south. We believe that it has served this function usefully but that it may now be replaced by a journal of wider interest". Spier was an inveterate editor of journals and publication series. As he moved from institution to institution, he created outlets for the publication of serious, for fields of anthropological research . He also edited the American Anthropologist and was President of the American Anthropological Association. The international, multidisciplinary vocation of SWJA was firmly established with its very first issue and has continued ever since, through the editorships of Harry Basehart (first with Stanley Newman and later alone), James Spuhler, Philip Bock and Lawrence Guy Straus. the fundamentally global scope of the publication was ultimately emphasized with the change of name to Journal of Anthropological Research by Basehart in 1973.

Contents: Volume 22: James N Hill A Prehistoric Community in Eastern Arizona; Christy G Turner II and Laurel Lofgren Household Size of Prehistoric Western Pueblo Indians; Deward E Walker Jr The Nez Perce Sweat Bath Complex; Robert L Bee Potawatomi Peyotism; Bennet Bronson Roots and the Subsistence of the Ancient Maya; Victor Goldkind Class Conflict and Cacique in Chan Kom; William Bright and Jan Minnick Reduction Rules in Fox Kinship; Deward E Walker Jr Measures of Nez Perce Outbreeding and the Analysis of Cultural Change Harry W Basehart The Resource Holding Corporation among the Mescalero Apache; Jeremy A Sabloff and Gordon R Wiley the Collapse of the Maya Civilization in the Southern Lowlands; Hugo G Nutini A Synoptic Comparison of Mesoamerican Marriage and Family Structure; Charles F Merbs Anterior Tooth Loss in Arctic Populations; Joseph W Michels Settlement Pattern and Demography at Sheep Rock Shelter; Kieth H Basso the Western Apache Classificatory Verb System; William N Fenton J F Lafitau (1681-1746), Precursor of Scientific Kingship; Louise Lamphere Symbolic Elements in Navajo Ritual James E Fitting Settlement Analysis in the Great Lakes Region; Marvin Harris Referential Ambiguity in the Calculus of Brazilian Racial Identity Robbins Burling Amrican Kinship Terms Once More; Harry W Basehart Mescalero Apache Band Organization and Leadership; Keith H Basso "To Give up on Words"; Ralph L Beals Gifting, Reciprocity, Savings and Credit in Peasant Oaxaca; Joel Sherzer Talking Backwards in Cuna; Richard A Thompson Stochastics and Structure; Gordon R Willey and Demitri B Shimkin The Collapse of Classic Maya Civilization in the Southern Lowlands; U M Cowgill Some Comments in Manihot Subsistence and the Ancient Maya; Jerrold E Levy and Stephen J Kunitz Indian Reservations, Anomie and Social Pathologies; Ernest S Burch Jr The Nonempirical Environment of the Arctic Alaskan Eskimos; Patricia Albers and Seymour Parker The Plains Vision Experience; Morris E Opler Jicarilla Apache Territory, Economy and Society in 1850; William W Elmendorf Coast Salish Status Ranking Intergroup Ties; Volume 28: George L Hicks and David I Kertzer Making a Middle Way; M Edward Moseley Subsistence and Demography; D E Dumond Demographic Aspects of the Classic Period in Puebla-Tlaxcala; C Rodger Nance Cultural Evidence for the Altithermal in Texas and Mexico; Stuart Plattner Occupation and Marriage in a Mexican Trading Community; Ricahrd A Gould, Don D and Catherine S Fowler diggers and Doggers. Journal of Anthropological ResearchVolume 29: Edwin N Wilmsen Interaction, Spacing Behavior and the Organization of Hunting Bands; Seth Leacock Maue Kinship and Omaha Terminology; Robert L Carneiro Structure, Function and Equilibrium in the Evolution of Herbert Spencer Raymond E Wiest Wage-Labor Migration and the Household in a Mexican Town; Richard W Keatinge and Kent C Day Socio-Economic Organization of the Moche Valley, Peru, During the Chimu Occupation of Chan Chan; Volume 30: W Raymond Wood Northern Plains Village Cultures; Lawrence C Watson Defense Mechanisms in Guajiro Personality and Culture; Sandra Prewitt Edelman Ascension Motifs and Reversals in Tewa Narratives; H Dieter Heinen and Kenneth Ruddle Ecology, Ritual and Economic Organization in the Distribution of Palm Starch among the Warao of the Orinoco Delta; Frank Cancian New Patterns of Stratification in the Zinacantan Cargo System; Ross Saunders and Philip W Davis Bella Coola Head Bone Nomenclature; Marvin Harris Why a Perfect Knowledge of All the Rules One Must Know to Act Like a Native Cannot Lead to the Knowledge of How Natives Act; Dave D Davis The Strategy of Early Spanish Ecosystem Management in Cuba; Volume 31: William A Turnbaugh Toward an Explanation of the Broadpoint Dispersal in Eastern North American Prehistory Julia Jorgensen A Room Use Analysis of Table Rock Pueblo, Arizona; Roland M Wagner Pattern and Process in Ritual Syncretism Sam D Gill The Color of Navajo Ritual SymbolismIan Stevenson The Belief and Cases Related to Reincarnation among the Haida>


Some wrappers with former owner's names, spines sunned, some occasional pencil markings over all a very good set.


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