Rostros Ocultos de los Mayas

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Author: Schele, Linda (1942-1998)

Year: 1997

Publisher: Impetus Comunicación

Place: Mexico City


184 pages with numerous color plates and bibliography. Folio (14 1/4" x 8 1/4") issued in black cloth with blind stamped title to spine and cover. Photographs by Jorge Perez de Lara. Introduction by Roman Pina Chan. First edition.

Linda Schele was an expert in the field of Maya epigraphy and iconography. She played an invaluable role in the decipherment of much of the Maya hieroglyphics. She produced a massive volume of drawings of stelae and inscriptions, which, following her wishes, are free for use to scholars. In 1978, she founded the annual Maya Meetings at The University of Texas at Austin. Mentored by Merle Greene Robertson, Schele worked with Peter Mathews to decipher a major section of the list of Palenque kings, presenting her work in the 1973 conference Mesa Redonda de Palenque, organized by Robertson. Her work stimulated several later discoveries, by herself and others. Schele became a Fellow in pre-Columbian Studies at Dumbarton Oaks in Washington, D.C in 1975. She focused on the study of word ordering in Maya inscriptions for the next two years there.She founded the Maya Hieroglyphic Workshop in Texas in 1977, when still a graduate student. Twenty years later, the workshop expanded into what is known as the Maya Meetings at Texas, and includes a symposium of research papers by major scholars and the Forum on Hieroglyphic Writing.She was awarded a Doctorate in Latin American studies by the University of Texas in 1980. She continued her teaching career there, in the department of Art/Art History. At the time of her death, she was the John D. Murchison Regents Professor of Art in the department. Schele joined the Cop�n Mosaics Project in the mid 1980s, working with David Stuart, Barbara Fash, and Nikolai Grube on the texts of that site. She began a related series called the Cop�n Notes, reports on epigraphy and iconography, which were aimed at rapid dissemination of information amongst Maya scholars.In 1986, Schele co-curated a ground breaking exhibition of Maya art, "The Blood of Kings: A New Interpretation of Maya Art", with Mary Miller, a project initiated by InterCultura and the Kimbell Art Museum, where it opened in 1986, and the two co-authored the catalog to the exhibition, which was published under the title The Blood of Kings: Dynasty and Ritual in Maya Art. She also began taking an interest in the culture of the contemporary Maya. For a decade beginning 1988, she organized 13 workshops, along with Nikolai Grube and Frederico Fahsen, on hieroglyphic writing for them in Guatemala and Mexico.


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