Social Process in Maya Prehistory: Studies in Honour of Sir Eric Thompson

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Author: Hammond, Norman (1944- )

Year: 1977

Publisher: Academic Press

Place: London and New York


xiv+690 pages with diagrams, illustrations, charts, plates, maps and index. Royal octavo (9 3/4" x 7 1/2") issued in light blue cloth with gilt lettering to spine and blind stamped "AP" to cover. 1st edition.

Contents: Sir Eric Thompson, 1898-1975: A biographical Sketch and Bibliography by Norman Hammond; Maya Antiquaries by Ignacio Bernal; Lord Kingsborough, Sir Thomas Phillips, and Obadiah Rich: Some Bibliographical Notes by Ian Graham; External Influences on the Lowland Maya: 1940 and 1975 Perspectives by Gordon R Willey; The Early Formative in the Maya Lowlands by Norman Hammond; Streets Ahead: Exchange Values and the Rise of the Classic Maya by David A Phillips, Jr and William L Rathje; The Southeastern Periphery of Mesoamerica: A View from Eastern El Salvador by E Wyllys Andrews V; Influence or Intrusion? The "Postclassic" in the Maya Lowlands by D C Pring; An Hypothetical Outline of Coastal Maya Prehistory: 300 B.C.-A.D. 1200 by Joseph W Ball; "Captains of the Itza": Unpublished Mural Evidence form Chichen Itza by Arthur G Miller; Urbanism and Hierarchy at Iximche by George F Guillemin; Excavations at Palenque, 1967-1973 by Jorge R Acosta; Gerontocracy at Palenque? by Alberto Ruz Lhuillier; Painting Practices and their Change through Time of the Palenque Stucco Sculptors by Merle Greene Robertson; Supernatural Patrons of Maya Scribes and Artists by Michael D Coe; Patolli at Ruins of Seibal, Peten, Guatemala by A Ledyard Smith; Maya Metalwork and its External Connections by Warwick Bray; A Possible Maya Eclipse Record by David H Kelley; Comments on the glyphic Texts of the "Altar Vase" by R E W Adams; Cholti-Lacondon (Chiapas) and Peten-Ytza Agriculture, Settlement Pattern and Population by N Hellmuth; The Art and Archaeology of Hydraulic Agriculture int he Maya Lowlands by Dennis E Puleston; The Rise of the bajos and the Fall of the Maya by Peter D Harrison; Maya Development and Collapse: An Economic Perspective by T Patrick Culbert; The Maya Collapse Revistied: Internal and External Perspectives by Robert J Sharer; Situation Model Devlopment: A Case Study of the Classic Maya by Dorothy Hosler, Jeremy A Sabloff and Dale Runge.


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