Theory in Anthropology: A Sourcebook

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Author: Manners, Robert Alan (1913-1996) and David Kaplan (editors)

Year: 1968

Publisher: Aldine Publishing Co

Place: Chicago


xii+578 pages with selected bibliography. Quarto (10 1/4" x 7 1/4") issued in red cloth with gilt lettering to spine and cover and embossed "A" to cover. 1st edition.

Contents: On the Concept of Culture by Leslie A White; The Superorganic: Science or Metaphysics by David Kaplan; The Difficulties, Achievements and Limitations of Social Anthropology by Max Gluckman; Social Anthropology: Past and Present by E E Evans-Pritchard; Social Anthropology and the Method of Controlled Comparison by Fred Egan; On Explanation by John Hospers; The 'Natural Science Ideal' in the Social Sciences by Lewis White Beck; Explanation and Comparative Dynamics in Social Science by John C Harsanyi; The Phenomenological and Naturalistic Approaches to the Social by Leon J Goldstein; Causes, Functions and Cross-Cousin Marriage: An Essay in Anthropological Explanation by Melford E Spiro; Understanding and Explanation in Social Anthropology by John H M Beattie; Levels of Sociocultural Integration: An Operational Concept by Julian H Steward; Zuni: Some Observations and Queries by Li An-Che; A Chinese Phase in Social Anthropology by Maurice Freedman; Functionalism, Realpolitik and Anthropology in Underdeveloped Areas by Robert A Manners; Some Criticism of Cultural Relativism by Paul F Schmidt; Observation and Generalization in Cultural Anthropology by Jessie Bernard; Residence Rules by Ward Goodenough; Conflict and Congruence in Anthropological Theory by Linton Freeman; Limits to Functionalism and Alternative to it in Anthropology by I C Jarvie; Functional Analysis of Change by Francesca Cancian; Function and Cause by Ronald Philip Dore; On Social Structure by S F Nadel; Evolution: Specific and General by Marshall D Sahlins; Multilinear Evolution: Evolution and Process by Julian H Steward; On the Evolution of Social Stratification and the State by Morton Fried; Language and Evolution: by Joseph H Greenberg; History and Science in Anthropology by Marc J Swartz; Some Issues in the Logic of Historical Analysis by Ernest Nagel; Indian-European Relations in colonial Latin America by Elman R Service; Closed Corporate Peasant Communities in Mesoamerica and Central Java by Eric R Wolf; The Influence of Linguistics on Early Culture and Personality Theory by David F Aberle; Personality and Social Structure by Bert Kaplan; Behavioral Evolution and the Emergence of the Self by A Irving Hallowell; Cultural and Cognitive Dictionary by Ulric Neisser; Culture and Environment: The Study of Cultural Ecology by Marshall D Sahlins; The Frontier in History by Owen D Lattimore; Ecologic Relations of Ethnic Groups in Swat, North Pakistan by Fredrik Barth; Tappers and Trappers: Parallel Process in Acculturation by Robert F Murphy and Julian H Steward; Sociological Aspects of the Relation between Language and Culture by Lewis S Feuer; Language, Thought and Culture by Paul Henle; Linguistic Relativity: The View of Benjamin Lee Worf by Max Black; Belief and Knowledge by Godfrey Lienhardy; Social Beliefs and Individual Thinking in Tribal Society by Max Gluckman; On Norms and Values by Judith Blake and Kingsley Davis; Studies in Ethnoscience by William C Sturtevant; The Psychic Unity of Human Groups by Anthony F C Wallace; The Ethnographic Study of Cognitive Systems by Charles O Frake; Cognition and Componential Analysis: God's Truth or Hocus-Pocus? by Robbins Burling; Some Comments on Formal Analysis of Grammatical and Semantic Systems by Muriel Hammer; Structural Analysis in Linguistics and Anthropology by Claude Levi-Strauss; Claude Levi-Strauss - Anthropologist and Philosopher by Edmund Leach; The Cerebral Savage: On the Work of Claude-Levi-Strauss by Clifford Geertz.


Corners bumped, points rubbed. Jacket edges chipped with 1" loss, spine sunned, spine head chipped with loss, extremities rubbed else a very good copy in a good to very good jacket.

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