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Hopi Bibliography
W David Laird

Bibliography of Captain James Cook: R.N. F.R.S., Circumnavigator
M K Beddie

Ethnographic Bibliography of North America
George Peter Murdock and Timothy J O'Leary

American Journal of Archaeology (AJA)

Bibliografia de Arquelogia y Etnografia Mesoamerica y Norte de Mexico 1514-1960
Igancio Bernal

The Indians of the Northeast: A Critical Bibliogrpahy
Elisabeth Tooker

Bibliography of the Sioux
Jack W Marken and Herbert T Hoover

Archeological Bibliography for the Southeastern Region of Texas
William E Moore

An Annotated Bibliogrpahy on the Origin and Descent of Domestic Mammals 1900-1955
Shimon Angress and Charles A Reed

A Bibliography of the Athapaskan Languages
Richard T Parr

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Acceptance of the Statue of Eusebio Francisco Kino Presented by the State of Arizona196550.00
Aberle, David F and Omer C Stewart from the library of Dr William Henderson KellyNavaho and Ute Peyotism: A Chronological and Distributional Study195760.00
Abrams Jr, H LeonComentario Sobre la Seccion Colonial del Codice Telleriano-Remensis con un Cuadro de 15 Cronicas Indigenas del Valle de Mexico1973100.00
Academia Colombiana de HistoriaHomenaje al Profesor Paul Rivet195850.00
Acosta, Jose de (1539-1600)De Natura Novi Orbis Libri duo, et de Promulgatione Evangelii, apud Barbaros, sive de Procuranda Indorum salute Libri sex15894500.00
Acosta, José de (1539-1600)Obras del Padre Jose de Acosta1954100.00
Adelhofer, Otto (editor)Codex Vindobonensis Mexicanus I19741000.00
Aguilera Garcia, Maria del CarmenEl Arte Oficial Tenochica su Significacion Social197775.00
Aguirre Beltrán, Gonzalo (1908–1996) inscribed from the library of Professor George M FosterAntropologia Medica198650.00
Ajaegbu, Hyacinth I (compiler) from the library of professor Robert V KemperAfrican Urbanization: A Bibliography197250.00

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