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Hopi Bibliography
W David Laird

Bibliography of Captain James Cook: R.N. F.R.S., Circumnavigator
M K Beddie

Ethnographic Bibliography of North America
George Peter Murdock and Timothy J O'Leary

American Journal of Archaeology (AJA)

Bibliografia de Arquelogia y Etnografia Mesoamerica y Norte de Mexico 1514-1960
Igancio Bernal

The Indians of the Northeast: A Critical Bibliogrpahy
Elisabeth Tooker

Bibliography of the Sioux
Jack W Marken and Herbert T Hoover

Archeological Bibliography for the Southeastern Region of Texas
William E Moore

An Annotated Bibliogrpahy on the Origin and Descent of Domestic Mammals 1900-1955
Shimon Angress and Charles A Reed

A Bibliography of the Athapaskan Languages
Richard T Parr

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Nuttall, Zelia Maria Magdalena (1857-1933) and Elizabeth Hill Boone The Book of The Life of the Ancient Mexicans Containing an Account of Their Rites and Superstitions [&] The Codex Magliabechiano and the Lost Prototype of the Magliabechiano Group1983100.00
Acceptance of the Statue of Eusebio Francisco Kino Presented by the State of Arizona196550.00
Smith, Samuel Watson (1897-1993)Painted Ceramics of the Western Mound at Awatovi197150.00
Aberle, David F and Omer C Stewart from the library of Dr William Henderson KellyNavaho and Ute Peyotism: A Chronological and Distributional Study195760.00
Abrams Jr, H LeonComentario Sobre la Seccion Colonial del Codice Telleriano-Remensis con un Cuadro de 15 Cronicas Indigenas del Valle de Mexico1973100.00
Academia Colombiana de HistoriaHomenaje al Profesor Paul Rivet195850.00
Acosta, Jose de (1539-1600)De Natura Novi Orbis Libri duo, et de Promulgatione Evangelii, apud Barbaros, sive de Procuranda Indorum salute Libri sex15893500.00
Acosta, Josť de (1539-1600)Obras del Padre Jose de Acosta1954100.00
Adelhofer, Otto (editor)Codex Vindobonensis Mexicanus I19741000.00
Aguilera Garcia, Maria del CarmenEl Arte Oficial Tenochica su Significacion Social197775.00

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